4 New Year’s Hair Resolutions It’s Never Too Late to Make

Home News 4 New Year’s Hair Resolutions It’s Never Too Late to Make

While day one of a new year may feel like the ideal opportunity to start fresh, resolving to make a change a little bit later in the year may be a more realistic goal. Thankfully, it’s never a bad time to make a productive change. And, what better day for a fresh start than today? Are you ready to break a few bad hair habits? Here are 4 New Year’s hair resolutions that you can make any day.

Start Things Off Without a Snag

One of the best (and easiest) ways to help prevent hair breakage doesn’t involve a fancy new brush or product swap. It’s simply a matter of being mindful of when you’re brushing your hair. An easy way to help keep hair untangled and minimize breakage is to brush hair before washing it—not after. Hair is weakest when wet and more susceptible to tangles, so if you brush it post-shower you’re actually putting your hair at greater risk for breakage. Gently comb through hair before you shower and you’ll help ensure locks feel silky soft and tangle free.

Reassess Your Hair Care Routine

A new year offers a new opportunity to take stock of your hair care routine. Are you really using the right shampoo and conditioner? (We have a full guide to that, here) In general, a healthy care routine requires a good balance of moisture and strength. Make sure you’re treating your locks to a good mix of both or you could contribute to increased damage. Over-moisturized hair, like dry hair, can lead to increased breakage. Similarly, hair over-treated with strengthening proteins can experience decreased flexibility and increased breakage, as a result. To keep your hair feeling and looking its best, try washing with a strengthening shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner—or vice versa—or alternating between a strengthening care regimen and moisturizing regimen each time you wash your hair.

Be Kind to Your Hair

Resolve to treat your hair with the respect it deserves this year. Got color-treated tresses? Make yourself and your stylist proud by adequately protecting your gorgeous investment. Find the right color-safe care products for your hair type, here. A regular hot-tool fiend? Commit to being a just as regular thermal protection user, as well. From thermal lotions, hairsprays and even foams, you’ll find great new styling aids perfect for your arsenal from Neuro™, Paul Mitchell® and more, here.

Break-up with Your Split Ends

While you may be able to smooth over your split ends temporarily with some of your favorite Paul Mitchell styling products, the bad news is splits ends are an irreparable problem—and the longer you hold onto them the more havoc you’ll ultimately wreak on your hair. Once a hair splits, it’ll only continue to split up the hair shaft, damaging your split strand beyond repair. So, call it quits. The only true solution to your split end problem is a fresh trim. Visit your Paul Mitchell stylist, who will be able to help revive your strands and give you a cute cut above your highest point of splitting. To help prevent future split ends, be kind to your hair—always use a heat protectant, gently towel dry hair and try not to over-wash your hair.


Looking for more ways to pamper your hair this new year? Find tips from our team of John Paul Mitchell Systems® professionals here.